Background concept wordcloud illustration of medicare international

Beyond Norms – How to easily and quickly generate 508 compliant Provider and Pharmacy Directories

Background concept wordcloud illustration of medicare international

Beyond Norms – To Generate 508 compliant Provider and Pharmacy Directories

November 16 2020 | By Sai Parvataneni


A Self Service tool to Create and Generate Geo-Coded provider directories PDF online from start to finish

Quickcoms platform has latest features to create provider and pharmacy directories for Medicare Advantage Organizations(MAO) by taking out complexity of creating templates, programming and generate print ready PDFs and data outputs for online listings in short time. The platform with built-in visual designer tools allows users to quickly set up provider and pharmacy directory layouts, business rules, data filters that meet CMS Model requirements for HMO, PPO and any other plan specific requirements.

Control your Data to list provider information in directories

Quickcoms data source features allow the platform to be configured to push or pull data from a Secure FTP site and from multiple locations. The platform also allows business rules to be set up for data validation. The invalid data records are listed in a separate page and allow authorized users to edit and reprocess if allowed thus saving time. All edits made within the platform are captured for audit logs.

The powerful data tools within the editor allow users to set up business rules and criteria to list the providers information in a full directory or a geo-coded version based on the address location.

Meet CMS Regulations and keep your data update Online and in Print

As per the latest marketing guidelines from CMS, MAO providers should refresh provider data online and in print versions every 30 days. Quickcoms provider data refresh  functionality allows data import from multiple provider sources and process the data through an approval process to maintain the accuracy and UpToDate data. The approved provider data can be exported for online use or in provider directory  print versions.


About Quickcoms

Quickcoms provides marketing and Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions that help customer–focused entities achieve success. Quickcoms is a global company linked by shared goals, cutting–edge software, a solid methodology and relentless focus on you, the customer. We strive to create an environment that fosters close collaboration between us and our customers in the spirit of true partnership. For more information go use our contact form or call us at (855) 466-6888.

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