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Quickcoms offers the most comprehensive  customer communications management (CCM) platform along with cloud scalability, security and affordability. 

Our mantra is “don’t customize- configure”. No more coding! Our powerful interface for managing business rules and workflows empowers business users by giving them total control over content and layout.

CCM = Customer Communications Management

We have everything



Business Rules

Manage complex business rules across campaigns, kits and documents.

Workflow Manager

Build and modify approval workflows using a drag and drop interface.

Smart Designer

Compose, validate, proof and manage document versions and use workflows for approval.


Deliver communications across all traditional and digital channels.

Kit Builder

Use business rules for defining kit components and assembly instructions.

Track & Monitor

Our dashboard presents a real-time view of WIP. Schedule, monitor and track jobs.

Top 5 Reasons Cloud CCM Makes Sense


The production demands of today’s customer communications management make it an ideal cloud solution.



Configure Quickcoms to meet your business needs. No custom code is necessary.



The system expands to meet peak demand and you only pay for what you use.



Our platform has strong safeguards in place to protect your data and privacy. 



Use Quickcoms APIs to integrate the CCM platform with other business systems.



The lowest total cost of ownership. Get to market faster and pay only for what you use. 

Supports Critical

Communication Types



Explanation of benefits
ID Cards


Account openings

Welcome kits

Online quotes

Web forms



Two Way

Requires human input

Business correspondence

Customer correspondence

Claim processing.

Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Quickcoms has it all!

CCM = Customer Communications Management

Compelling  Consumer


Most companies realize customers are their most precious resource. They take care to produce quality customer experiences across all touchpoints. Effective communications at these touchpoints are critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Unfortunately, customer communications are often less than effective in highly regulated industries. Quickcoms transforms and streamlines the development of multi-channel customer communications, balancing consumer experience with compliance. Users can efficiently create personalized communications that exceed consumer expectations, increase revenue from new and existing customers, ensure loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

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Personalize text, images and entire sections of communications to more effectively communicate.

CCM = Customer Communications Management
healthcare omni channel communications



Communicate with customers via multiple channels including print, SMS, e-mail, web portals, and mobile. Coordinate consistent messaging across channels.

Quickcoms also supports bi-directional interactive communications with customers.



Better respond to seasonal and peak demand and help your business grow and succeed. Stay competitive, be agile and adaptable.

Access an almost infinitely scalable platform. Share the cost of infrastructure and pay only for the resources you use and keep costs to a minimum.

A cloud agnostic and modern approach to manage members communications quickly and efficiently from start to finish with role for every stake holder in the communication process and capability to create content, approval, track, audit and report in one platform.



customer communications management dashboard



Quickcoms dashboards provide easy access to critical data to ensure visibility to work in process enabling better decision making. Audit trails add accountability to business rules and processes.

Production managers can easily schedule track and monitor every job and the system provides 100% package and ship verification.



Build business rules and workflow to ensure compliance across all communications.

Compliance managers can monitor changes made to forms, documents and kits and can also run live audits in real-time.

Visual Workflow

APIs for Integration


Quickcoms’ Application Programming Interface (API) ensures seamless communication between applications. Quickcoms’ APIs enable interaction between data, applications, and devices.

Connect all necessary cloud, on-premises, and proprietary systems to ensure effective communications with customers.



Is your CCM platform as agile and flexible as the rest of your organization? Your CCM platform should adapt to serve the business’ needs, not the other way around.

Quickcoms is designed to evolve with your business, and is endlessly configurable. You won’t need a developer or the vendor to make adjustments as your business needs change.

Business rules and workflow configurability are part of Quickcoms’ DNA.

Configurable CCM

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