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Customer Experiences

Consumers have many choices in today’s competitive healthcare market, and they are considering every aspect of offerings in their decisions.

One area where healthcare can differentiate is the consumer experience. Anticipating needs and delivering timely and relevant personalized communications is today’s opportunity to set your company apart.

Only 15% of users say they are happy with their insurer’s digital experience

- Ernest & Young

Digital Transformation

Most healthcare organizations are still working with multiple legacy CCM systems which inhibits their ability to create effective communications. Every change is cumbersome and often requires engaging vendors and developing custom code.  This is costly, slows time to market and creates compliance risk.

Quickcoms leading CCM solution lets business users take back control with a configure versus customize approach. Quickcoms powerful business rules engine combined with a visual workflow designer make changes easy and intuitive.

Take control and accelerate digital transformation.

Compelling Experiences
Advanced Personalization
Omni-Channel Engagement
Scalable On-Demand
Real-Time Visibility
Regulatory Compliance

Omni-Channel Communications

Communicate with customers consistently across multiple channels including print, SMS, e-mail, web portals, and mobile. 80% of healthcare insurer’s have not made transformation progress in omnichannel communications Quickcoms also supports bi-directional interactive communications with customers.

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Customer Experiences

On-board customers quickly with digital forms pre-populated with known data. Personalize quotes, policy information and welcome kits with customer information and interactive charts, graphs, and sliders.

Increase customer engagement with mobile push notifications. Expedite claims and wow your customers with online claims processing and e-signatures. Tailor, up-sell and cross-sell offers based on customer data.

Why Cloud CCM Makes Sense

The production demands of today’s customer communications management make it an ideal cloud solution.



Configure Quickcoms to meet your business needs. No custom code is necessary.



The system expands to meet peak demand and you only pay for what you use.



Our platform has strong safeguards in place to protect your data and privacy. 



Use Quickcoms APIs to integrate the CCM platform with other business systems.



The lowest total cost of ownership. Get to market faster and pay only for what you use. 

Ensure Complicance

Business environments and state and federal regulatory rules and regulations are constantly changing. You need a CCM platform that can change with them.

Streamline change management using Quickcoms intuitive business rules engine and visual workflow designer. 

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