tecra systems announces quickcoms

Tecra Systems Announces Quickcoms

January 13, 2020, Austin, TX – Tecra Systems, a software solutions provider enabling effective customer communications management by delivering powerful personalized marketing and regulatory messages across multiple industry segments, today announced the rebranding of its CCMConnect platform as Quickcoms.

Quickcoms enables organizations to communicate more effectively and consistently with customers while lowering operating costs and ensuring compliance. Quickcoms offers everything highly regulated industries need in a customer communications management (CCM) platform along with cloud scalability, security and affordability. Quickcoms put business users in control with a mantra “don’t customize – configure.” The platform provides a powerful interface for managing business rules and workflows.

The Quickcoms brand reflects a 20+ years of being a customer communications management (CCM) innovator. Along with the new brand and logo the company also refreshed its online presence to better reflect the full breadth of its offering at quickcoms.com.

 “We completely rearchitected the CCMConnect platform from the ground up for the Cloud and thought this was an ideal time to rebrand,” said Giri Gondi, CEO of Tecra Systems. “We felt customer communications management was a perfect cloud application as it requires the security, scalability, and compliance the cloud offers.”

Along with the new platform architecture comes a new administrative interface enabling business users to build and manage business rules along with a drag-n-drop workflow designer. “Our goal was to alleviate the reliance on vendors for changes, and put business users in control,” said Vijay Vattikonda, CTO of Tecra Systems. “This allows us to devote resources to building more features versus maintaining multiple platform instances,” Vijay Vattikonda went on to say.

The Quickcoms platform is positioned well for companies in healthcare, insurance and financial services. These are all highly regulated industries that put a premium on the customer experience and the need for tight controls around communications.

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